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Welding inverter up to 100A Welding inverter is an alternative to a conventional welding transformer. Modern semiconductors allow to replace the traditional mains transformer with a switching power supply, which is much lighter, smaller and allows easy current adjustment via a potentiometer. can be simultaneously drawn from other all sources incl. DCF77*, external CS (cesium) beam such as 5071A atomic clock or any other external 1PPS/RS232 source. The NTS-4000 is equipped with two redundand A/B antennas inputs, each receiving independent satellite systems simultanously. Built-in OCXO* guarantees precission
Features, Applications: 1 Short Description The is a BiCMOS integrated straight through receiver with build in very high sensitivity and a pre-decoding of the time signal transmitted from WWVB, DCF77, JJY, MSF and HBG. A while ago, I bought a set of Oregon Scientific weather station on special. The package came with the clock and temperature display unit (BAR283) and a remote temperature sensor (RTHR328N), which is normally put outside of the house. Ordinary low-noise broadband amplifier circuit diagram 2015-01-05 06:06:15 152 The gain bandwidth of some integrated amplifier is small (about l ~ 2 MHz), the input noise is high and the conversion rate is low pressure (about 0.5 ...

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[10:23] i once build a dcf77 controlled watch and it was a pain. The receiver only worked in some locations, i had to dc the programmer, what a pain it was :D [10:30] did it use the wearers arm as the antenna? [10:31] fsphil: nah it was a receiver from an alarm clock [10:31] don't they have really big The HA13158A is four-channel BTL amplifier IC designed for car audio, featuring high output and low distortion, and applicable to digital audio equipment. It provides 34 W output per channel, with a 13.7 V power supply and at Max distortion.
Surface mounting equipments, 4-button home automation device, 1 LINE OUT output, RGB LED location in darkness with brightness control,to be completed with interchangeable 1- or 2-module Eikon, Arké or Plana half-buttons - 2 modules

Not obvious in Figure 1 is the fact that there's a gap in the loop at the top because this is an "H-Field" loop - that is, it's an antenna that ideally responds only to the magnetic component of the radio wave rather than the E (electric) field: This is important since it is more likely that nearby interference sources such as power lines will more-strongly emit signals primarily in the E-field. an active antenna. Radio Shack should be experiencing a lively trade on its catalog item 15- 1607! More Antennas Eric Walton of Vancouver, who provided a sketch of a homebrew wire antenna in the June issue, answered my question as to how it compared with the Mc Kay-Dymek DAIOOD antenna he had recently purchased . "As to be expected the Dymek ...
High Current 5V Regulator When doing WSPR on the Raspberry Pi , I needed a bit more current than the standard mobile phone chargers suggested for the Pi could offer. Typically they’re rated at about 1 amp, and will do 500 mA with a clean output supply but much beyond that the output gets noisy and the voltage drops (there are some exceptions). FreeNode ##electronics irc chat logs for 2014-02-08. voxadam: I wonder why I can't find that here in the states. Hmm.. Nitrxgen

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Inexpensive SDR-based longwave radio controlled clock for time dissemination in industrial wireless sensor networks ... Despite the DCF77 standard has been considered for the real world ... Data Sheet UE6015 HKW-Elektronik GmbH SPEC No. UE6015 Revision A 4.1 State 31.07.2006 Version English Page Page 4 of 14 8 Internal connection of PAD’s The IC is ESD protected conform to the Human-Body-Model (V ESD = 1000V on each pin refered to GND). 9 Functional description of PAD’s IN1 / IN2 Antenna inputs
Jun 26, 2014 · The core of the project is an ATMega328 which uses the new DCF77 library for decoding the signal broadcast by an atomic clock. In the event of a complete signal loss from the atomic clock, the micro driving the clock also has a backup crystal that can keep the clock running to an accuracy of within 1 second per day. Scope of supply Included in delivery is a MEINBERG outdoor antenna incl. mounting kit, pre-assembled antenna cable (except MRS, TCR and RDT models) and product documentation on USB storage. Technical Support Meinberg offers free lifetime technical support via telephone or e-mail. Warranty Three-Year Warranty