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Arlon, a division of Bairnco, (NYSE:BZ), has been a leader in silicone rubber and silicone adhesive technologies since 1954. Silicone rubber is a unique elastomer that delivers high performance electrical insulation in low temperature and high temperature environments.
Arlon is an excellent sort of silicone rubber item that could be made use of for a selection of various sort of applications. The important things that anybody could do with it are fantastic to see. Below are a few of the very best advantages of this important rubber item and also just how it collaborates with various applications. It includes ...

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NSF Silicone Rubber sheet made for medical and sanitary applications. Silicone Rubber Sheet per zzr-765, military grade and specified rubber please call for availability. Silicone Rubber Tube and Silicone Rubber Rods and Cords in many sizes. Silicone Rubber Strips for gasketing and stripping in clean environments. Arlon 26122P020 0.020" Cured Silicone Rubber/Laminated PTFE Film ... Information provided by ARLON Silicone Technologies Division. ... the text of a material data sheet.
Arlon Protect 1500FC is an easy to use, easy to apply insulator sheet of cured silicone rubber for use with mechanical fasteners, clips, springs and screws. This particular Arlon material is softer and more compliant than other insulators and wets at lower pressures. Arlon develops and manufactures high strength and elongation silicone rubber sheeting for construction of reusable vacuum bags. Vacuum bags manufactured from Thermavac® and Thermavac® XRT vacuum bagging materials are suitable for resin infusion processes such as VIP, VARTM, and CARTM as well as pre-preg molding processes and curing operations up to 232ºC (450ºF). ARLON® Silicones Rogers Arlon® Silicone Technologies is the industry leader in silicone elastomers. Our family of highly functional simple composites are designed and developed internally, giving us complete control over their physical, chemical and electrical properties.

Arlon LevelWrap LW401 Mil-Spec fusible tapes have tapered edges and a colored line along the apex. The triangular profile allows the tape to form a smooth surface when each wrap is advanced one half the tapes width.
Download the latest silicone rubber material datasheets from Primasil Silicones, medical, automotive and rail materials available.. Silicone rubber manufacturer Primasil supplies compound, mouldings, extrusions and tubing for many industries including the medical, pharmaceutical, automotive, aerospace and rail and mass transit industries. Arlon and MOX-Tape® silicone tapes are produced from specially formulated silicone rubber. They bond irreversibly to provide an insulative barrier that is resistant to moisture, oxygen, ozone and corona over a wide temperature range (-65°F up to 500°F).

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3 Distributors & Vendors, 2 Products & Services, 1 Locations associated to Arlon. We use cookies to improve your website experience. To learn about our use of cookies and how you can manage your cookie settings, please see our Cookie Policy. Arlon Electronic Materials Division (EMD) is located in Rancho Cucamonga, California and is a major manufacturer of specialty high performance laminate and prepreg materials for use in a wide variety of PCB (printed circuit board) applications.